CV & Publications

Most of the publications can be found on ArXiV.

Preprints/under review:

Junhyun Lee, P. A. Volkov, B. J. DeSalvo, J. H. Pixley, “Rydberg dressed spin-1/2 Fermi gases in one dimension”, arXiv:2209.03368

P. A. Volkov, S. Y. F. Zhao, N. Poccia, X. Cui, P. Kim, J. H. Pixley, “Josephson effects in twisted nodal superconductors”, arXiv:2108.13456

S. Y. F. Zhao, N. Poccia, X. Cui, P. A. Volkov, H. Yoo, R. Engelke, Y. Ronen, R. Zhong, G. Gu, S. Plugge, T. Tummuru, M. Franz, J. H. Pixley, P. Kim “Emergent Interfacial Superconductivity between Twisted Cuprate Superconductors”, arXiv:2108.13455

Pavel A. Volkov, Justin H. Wilson, Jed H. Pixley, “Magic angles and current-induced topology in twisted nodal superconductors”, arXiv:2012.07860

A. Alexandranata… Pavel A. Volkov et al., “The Future of the Correlated Electron Problem”, arXiv:2010.00584


20) Pavel A. Volkov, P. Chandra, P. Coleman, “Superconductivity from energy fluctuations in dilute quantum critical polar metals ”, Nature Communications, 13 4599 (2022)

19) A. Kumar, P. Chandra, Pavel A. Volkov, “Spin-Phonon Resonances in Nearly Polar Metals with Spin-Orbit Coupling”, Phys. Rev. B 105, 125142 (2022)

18) Pavel A. Volkov, Mai Ye, Himanshu Lohani, Irena Feldman, Amit Kanigel, Girsh Blumberg, “Failed excitonic quantum phase transition in Ta2Ni(Se1−xSx)5“, Phys. Rev. B 104, L241103 (Letter) (2021)

17) Mai Ye, Pavel A. Volkov, Himanshu Lohani, Irena Feldman, Amit Kanigel, Girsh Blumberg, “Lattice dynamics of the excitonic insulator Ta2Ni(Se1−xSx)5 “, Physical Review B 104, 045102 (Editor’s Suggestion) (2021)32

16) Pavel A. Volkov, Mai Ye, Himanshu Lohani, Irena Feldman, Amit Kanigel, Girsh Blumberg, “Critical charge fluctuations and emergent coherence in a strongly correlated excitonic insulator”, npj Quantum Materials volume 6, 52 (2021)

15) Marvin A. Müller, Pavel A. Volkov, Indranil Paul, Ilya M. Eremin, “Interplay between nematicity and Bardasis-Schrieffer modes in the short-time dynamics of unconventional superconductors”, Phys. Rev. B 103, 024519 (2021)

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11) P. A. Volkov, C.-J. Won, D. I.Gorbunov, J. Kim, M. Ye, H.-S. Kim, J. H. Pixley, S.-
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Interference and Symmetry of Superconducting Order Parameter in Strongly Electron-Doped Iron-based Superconductors”, New Journal of Physics, 21 083021 (2019).

8) P. A. Volkov and S. Moroz, ”Coulomb-induced instabilities of nodal surfaces”,
Phys. Rev. B 98, 241107 (Rapid communications) (2018).

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model with overlapping hot spots”, Phys. Rev. B 97, 165125 (Editor’s Suggestion) (2018).

6) J. Böker*, P. A. Volkov*, I. Eremin and K. B. Efetov, ”s+is state with incipient
bands: doping dependence and STM signatures” , Phys. Rev. B 96, 014517 (2017)(*equal contribution).

5) Yu. E. Lozovik, I. L. Kurbakov and P. A. Volkov, ”Anisotropic superfluidity of two dimensional excitons in a periodic potential” , Phys. Rev. B 95, 245430 (2017).

4) P. A. Volkov and K. B. Efetov, ”Spin-fermion model with overlapping hot spots and charge modulation in cuprates” , Phys. Rev. B 93, 085131 (2016).

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1) P. A. Volkov, M. V. Fistul, ”Collective quantum coherent oscillations in a globally
coupled array of qubits”, Phys. Rev. B 89, 054507 (2014).

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