Disorder in Quantum Spin Liquid Candidates

Cu-Ir trimer chains in the structure of Ba5CuIr3O12, and an intrinsic disorder mechanism
The random singlet distribution in a magnetic field. Low-energy part of the distribution is polarized along field, while the others remain in the singlet state.

Phys. Rev. B 101, 020406 (R) (2020)

I have recently led an effort to interpret and model the experimental data on single crystals of an insulator Ba5CuIr3O12, that has previously been shown to exhibit highly frustrated magnetism of quasi-1D Cu-Ir trimer chains (see figure). Within the phenomenological framework I developed, all of the thermodynamic data (susceptibility, magnetization, specific heat) could be accounted for. The data has been found to be described by a disorder-dominated random singlet state, ruling out other possibilities. In this regard, an intrinsic source of disorder (Cu/Ir intermixing) has been identified, explaining the observation of a random singlet state in single crystals.

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