Non-equlibrium dynamics in superconductors

Frequency of the SC gap oscillations (points) and the Bardasis-Schrieffer mode (blue line) close to s/s+id transition (red dashed line)
Nonequilibrium oscillations of the SC and CDW order parameters

Series of works: [2021], [2019], [2014]

Recent developments in ultrafast THz techniques enable the observation of non-equilibrium dynamics of correlated systems at scales relevant for electronic order. My particular interests are in application of these techniques to unconventional superconductor with competing ground states. Some of the results are that oscillations due to the so-called Bardasis-Schrieffer modes can be observed, and, moreover, light polarization can be used to control the non-equilibrium state. Previously, it was shown that fast dynamics of superconductivity can exhibit fingerprints of competition with a charge density wave order.

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